Have you ever attended a children’s swimming gala where you see no hint of graceful gliding through the water but rather a display of a desperate slapping match? As entertaining as that is have you ever turned your gaze to the proud parent hinging on the edge of that pool; totally engulfed in that moment?  There’s no need for that parent to get so excited; to exhaust so much energy…a swimming gala will soon be forgotten. It’s trivial.

Isn’t that the same we we see ourselves; struggling in the water. It’s trivial. But like a parent encouraging that child in the minor swimming gala, the Lord passionately lives alongside us. He is ecstatic in our joy and shares in our pain. Every gesture made towards Him is precious and even when we don’t reach out to Him, He loves us all the same. My attitude can’t change the love He has for me; it stands on its’ own. It’s not conditional and doesn’t have an expiry date.

When Paul wrote ” Do not be anxious about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for what he has done.” (Philippians 4:6) he really did mean that we should pray about everything. I tend to categorize the things in my life into two groups: things that I can deal with and things that God should deal with. How shocked at my arrogance I am. For in those moments I forget that I am a sinful being, totally depraved, not even being able to breathe without God. My pride and need to be in control seeks to remove God from His throne. It says that he isn’t as capable as I am. (Hosea 5:5).

When we can acknowledge that that kind of thinking has become our default setting we can step into a new life. As Hosea 6:1 explains that after a season of sin (self reliance, pride…substitute what you will in here) turning to  God is painful. He strips away the parasites that we have collected. He takes us back to the state where we can acknowledge that we are totally dependent on Him and that he is Lord over all. When these things have been stripped away, God rebuilds and heals us.

God knows and cares about the smallest things in your life, is that enough for you to make a change?